Welcome to the Dance Fitness Indicator© (DFI) website.

The intention of this site is to offer a resource to dancers, dance students, and dance teachers through the use of the DFI, and other supportive information.

The DFI  is a high intensity dance fitness test and training tool, that can be used to test, monitor, and develop the fitness levels of dancers.  It consists of choreographed dance material that relate to the fitness components required in contemporary dance, available to learn and use through an online package that consists of video footage (with teaching and full run sections),  original music tracks, and a supportive information package.

In addition to this, this site aims to offer and share ideas and resources to help guide dancers to employ healthy and safe dance practices, through aspects such as warm up and cool down, supplementary training recommendations, nutrition, and mental fitness, to support dancers’ health, well being, fitness, and dance training/performance.


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