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“The DFI is extremely useful to the dancer; it enables them to improve their fitness as well as applying technique. It should be used weekly in dance training institutes.”

“By doing the DFI, I found that my footwork was slacking – I would like to work on this. I feel that the DFI is beneficial to all as it shows what we need to work on to become better dancers.”

“The DFI is a challenge, but worth doing, as to improve you need to know your limits. It is good that the test is related to dance as the reading of fitness is more accurate to our training.”

“Great way to test your level of fitness and set targets as its such a clear way to measure.”

“I like the Dance Fitness Indicator; it is a brilliant way to test your fitness levels, recovery, and body, in a dance specific way.”

“I feel that the DFI is really good at indicating what areas you need to work on.”

“Good for testing fitness levels. Good for a work out too!”

“Thought the DFI helped to highlight improvements in my technique and stamina. It also indicates what I need to work on. It makes me want to push myself and try as hard as possible.”

“Really useful and fun way to measure fitness!”

“Really valuable test; tests physically as well as mentally which is important for a dancer. Feel I need to improve stamina as I want to achieve level 4 with the same technique and execution of level 1.”

“The DFI is very useful and beneficial fitness wise! I just wish we did it more regularly.”

“I think the DFI is a very useful way of understanding your level of fitness and it highlights which areas are weakest and need focus.”

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